Christine M GroteI was born in Piqua, Ohio, a small town named for the Indian who rose from the flames, as legend goes.  A family move to Dayton, Ohio, attendance at various institutes of elementary and higher education, a marriage, an abbreviated career in product development, the births of four children, a second degree in English later in life, the death of a sibling, followed by the death of both parents, all landed me where I am today—somewhat lost and still searching for what it’s all about.

I wrote and self-published the memoir, Dancing in Heaven as a legacy for my disabled sister Annie, and with the hope that in some small way the book will help others understand the importance and value of even the most  limited human lives.

I recently published Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s. It is the life story of my father who was born during the Great Depression, the eldest son of an alcoholic father with mental illness. My father served in the army in Germany during the Korean War, and became a successful small businessman, devoted husband, and loving father, never-the-less. He ultimately lost his cognitive abilities and eventually succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

On my first blog, Random Thoughts From Midlife , I have posted photos and stories about my self-publishing journey, overcoming the loss of my parents, birdwatching, gardening, my husband’s bilateral knee surgery our travels, and other topics.

I live in Cincinnati with my husband Mark and our little dog Arthur.

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to leave a note.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie Luce

    Hello, Ms. Grote! I am with the Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter and wanted to discuss the opportunity of a possible speaking engagement with you. I was hoping to find an email address or the best contact information on your webpage, but didn’t come across it. Could you provide me with this, so that we can discuss further? Or, feel free to email me (Katie Luce) at kluce@alz.org. Thank you!

      1. Katie Luce

        Hello, Ms. Grote,

        I apologize but I have a sick baby at home that I need to take to the doctor. Depending on his status tomorrow, I will try to reach out to you then. I apologize for any inconvenience and will be in touch!

        Sent from my iPhone


        1. CMSmith Post author

          Thanks. I agree. Hopefully I’ll have the motivation to continue. I get distracted by my camera and photo software. As I suspect you understand.


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