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My First Review is Up

Where Memories Meet coverI am pleased to share excerpts from the first Amazon review of Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s. The review was done by Grady Harp who has earned the following quality badges from Amazon for his reviews: Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer, and Vine Voice.

“Christine’s eloquent tribute to her father’s passage through Alzheimer’s is one of the more valuable books available on the subject of dealing with loved ones who are victims of this relentless disease. The book is supportive, not only to her own psyche for placing her experience in words but also a primer for people who are close to a family member suffering from this ‘distancing’ ailment. Christine’s writing style is straightforward and unhampered with flights of lyricism: those flights occur because of her honesty of style in sharing. . .

“This is an immensely rewarding book to read and it is one that should gain a wide readership among the many people who share Christine’s situation. Highly Recommended.” Grady Harp

I’m an ebook wizard

Christine M. Grote

Well, maybe I’m not quite a wizard, but I’m certainly more proficient than I was three days ago.

Smashwords, an online multi-format ebook publisher, uses a “meat-grinder” to process book files. The author submits a word document; it goes through the meat-grinder and out comes a variety of ebooks that can be read on many types of platforms. You’re probably familiar with pdfs. Other formats Smashwords can produce, and then publish, include but are not limited to mobi for the Kindle, and epub for Nook.

This whole ebook business can be pretty complicated. But it’s all about what file types a particular software can open.

For the past two days I feel like I’ve been in a meat-grinder.

I used Scrivener, a terrific writing program and file system, when I wrote Where Memories Meet. Files in Scrivener have to be exported into a particular file type to…

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I have a cover

I’m excited to show you the cover for the soon to be published, Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s. My daughter Anna designed the cover, as well as the interior of the book. Anna is an experienced graphic designer, having graduated from the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning with a degree in Graphic Design. She worked several years for McGraw-Hill designing layouts for text books, and presently works for Humana in their Design Research Department. I’m very proud of her, and grateful for her talents and help on this project.

Where Memories Meet Cover

I’m very pleased with Createspace for my publishing service. I sent them files early last week and had two print proof copies on my doorstep by Friday. I had to use a temporary cover because we hadn’t decided on a final design yet and I wanted to proof the text. Who knew there would be so many things to correct, even after all the editing and proof-reading?

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to order a second, corrected proof copy. And hopefully I’ll give myself the publishing green-light after I see it. Soon.

Piqua, Ohio

The early years of Dad’s life story, as told in Where Memories Meet, occurred in Piqua, Ohio. Dad gave me this map to use and mark on as he was telling me his childhood stories in 2008. Black dots and other markings on the map designate Dad’s homes and other significant locations in his childhood.

Map of Piqua, Ohio city streets..

Map of Piqua, Ohio

Map of Piqua, Ohio – (Source unknown)

A brief history of Piqua Ohio can be found here at Touring Ohio.com.
More information about Piqua’s history can be found at the City of Piqua site.

Map of Ohio showing the location of Piqua.
map-of-ohio-cities(Source http://www.american-number-plate.com)



Member of the Post-once-every-two-years club

Here’s my first cliche: Time flies.

My last post here was May of 2013. I’m surprised I was able to string four words together at that point in time. It was only four months after both of my parents exited this life within two weeks of each other, under rather chaotic conditions. It took me a while, nearly two years, to recover.

I have been writing, editing, and revising my next book, Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s. I’ve been up, down, and around the block about this book. Back in 2008, or maybe even earlier, my father asked me, “When are you going to write my story?” As this was well before I wrote Dancing in Heaven, he must have gotten the idea from the rather large and bulky family history books I had written, printed on my computer, and bound at Kinkos.

Sadly, Dad, and Mom, both are gone now and will not be able to reap the rewards of their patient responses to my questions about Dad’s life. It was not an easy task for me to listen to Dad’s voice on tape once he was no longer able to speak. I can tell you that.

Mom was my number one fan. She believed in me, as most moms do, I suspect. Continuing on with my writing became a lot more difficult in the absence of my loudest and most faithful cheerleader.

Well, the long and short is that I bullied my way through finishing Dad’s book and intend to self-publish it, as I did with Dancing. I tried something new and a little unusual in the telling of the story. Some have found it confusing. Maybe you can leave me a comment if you read Where Memories Meet and let me know whether you liked the choices I made in the telling of the story, or not.

I hope to make Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s available in the fall.