Fort Jackson and Columbia, S.C. in 1953

As my father tells in his narrative in Where Memories Meet — Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s, he was stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, when he was first drafted into the army. While he was away from home serving in the US Military, he sent photographs back to my mother.

Leather photo albumShe inserted them into a leather photo album that Dad had hand-tooled and sent to her.

Working on leather purseI’m not sure exactly when this photo was taken, or where, but it shows my father working on a leather purse to send home to my mother.

Here are some photographs from Dad’s time in Columbia, South Carolina: at Fort Jackson, in town, and on a trip to Myrtle Beach. Mouse over a photo to see the caption Dad wrote on the back. Click on a photo to see a larger version, and a manual slideshow.


8 thoughts on “Fort Jackson and Columbia, S.C. in 1953

    1. CMSmith Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed them, Patti. I’m a lot more interested at his old photographs now than I had been when I was younger, and he could have enjoyed my interest. Sad to say. He was good with his hands, and he built a life out of that in the tool and die business.

  1. Sue Dreamwalker

    How beautiful is this, and how very talented was your Dad with his amazing leather work.. such skill..

    And I loved all of the photo’s.. wonderful collection to keep with all the rest of your lovely memories.. xxxx Hugs Sue xxx


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