Two Giveaways

“What made you decide to share your stories as memoirs?”

“What helped you, hindered you in telling your story based upon your truth?”

“What is your main “takeaway” for your readers?”

These are just a few of the questions I answer in Kathleen Pooler’s interview. Kathy is the author of Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away From Emotional Abuse (that I reviewed here). She posted another insightful interview on her blog at Memoir Writer’s Journey. Kathy’s doing good work over there. Of course, the interview was with me, so I might be a bit partial. Or not. You decide. Read it here and leave a comment to enter to win a free signed print copy.

And when you’re finished over there, I hope you’ll visit Cynthia Robertson’s blog where she reviews and is running a GIVEAWAY of a signed print copy of Where Memories Meet. Enter by leaving a comment here.

“Grote has a talent for spot-lighting the sort of intimate and telling details which ring an answering note of emotional recognition in her readers,” Cynthia writes. Again, another talented and insightful writer, in my impartial opinion.

Kathy Pooler’s Interview and giveaway can be read here.

Cynthia Robertson’s review with giveaway can be read here.


7 thoughts on “Two Giveaways

  1. Susan Willing

    I enjoyed Dancing in Heaven. I’m sure I’ll like your new book. However—-getting ready to move, packing up the house and doing all of it while still working 32 hours a week has made reading a no-no right now. Soon, I hope

    1. CMSmith Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Susan. Good luck on your move and getting settled. We moved here during the holidays. Makes everything more difficult. Send photos.

  2. krpooler

    Christine, Thanks for cross-posting our interview and for all your generous links and mentions. You have shared so many pearls that will benefit others caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. I’m thrilled to help you spread the word!


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